Team Members


Role: Squadleader


Primary: ICS M4 Carbine - AGX
             grenade launcher

Secondary: ICS M4 CQB


Special skill: telling people what
                   to do and taking
                   credit for it :-)


Role: 2IC / Rifleman /
        Support gunner


Primary: Classic Army M249 MkII

Secondary: G&G RK-104


Special skill: AEG mechanics: you
                   break it, we fix it :-)


Role: RTO / Rifleman


Primary: ICS M4 Carbine

Secondary: M3 shotgun


Special skill: doin' crazy shit and
                   surviving it :-)


Role: Rifleman / Grenadier


Primary: ICS M4 - M203



Special skill: 40MikeMike's and
                   things that blow up


Role: Support gunner / Rifleman


Primary: G&P M249 MkII RAS

Secondary: Classic Army M4
                 Carbine RIS


Special skill: unleashing hell
                   upon the enemy


Role: Designated Marksman /


Primary: ICS M4 SPR

Secondary: ICS M4 CASV


Special skill: one shot, one kill


Role: Rifleman


Primary: 'Frankenstein' M4

Secondary: moustache of
                 badassery, +1 on
                 charisma rolls :-)


Special skill: just being Vinni